Hi everyone!

During the March Internship class, we discussed Bloom’s Taxonomy and strategies to help teachers include more higher-order thinking skills in their questioning and tasks for students.  Here are some good resources for that:

Bloom’s Taxonomy Question Stems

Learning Objective Matrix (with Knowledge Dimension and Cognitive Process Dimension)

Padagogy Wheel (apps and technology that links to levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy)

“QuickFlip” (question stem resource for Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy)

“Finish Me Stories” (resource for ELAR teachers, especially elementary and middle school)

The teachers in Internship worked together to come up with some great ideas for using technology in their upcoming lessons to increase critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration opportunities for their students.  Some examples included using graphic organizer apps to allow students to show their thinking while taking notes, making motion picture clips, and using Google Docs to encourage and track collaboration among group members.

We only have two internship classes left this semester.  Make sure you are getting all your paperwork turned in because most of you are very, very close to getting that standard certificate.

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